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8 Ways to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10 and Windows 11

If you have any questions regarding the new operating system and its features, feel free to drop us a comment in the section below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Screenshots are a great way of sharing interesting pieces of information or funny pictures with your friends, forums, or the internet in general. WePC’s mission is to be the most trusted site in tech. Our editorial content is 100% independent and we put every product we review through a rigorous testing process before telling you exactly what we think. We won’t recommend anything we wouldn’t use ourselves.

Click on the camera icon to take a screenshot using the Game Bar. The screenshot is automatically saved as a PNG file and will only capture the full screen of the active window. Press the Ctrl + V keys at the same time to paste your full screenshot into the app. Just make sure that you save before closing the program.

How to Use the Print Screen Key for a Windows 10 Screenshot (Guide with Pictures)

A system similar to most lambda Bluetooth headphones and headsets. Once it’s turned on, press Windows + I to launch the Settings app, and select Bluetooth & devices from the tabs listed in the navigation pane on the left. Apart from that, running an older version of the OS is just as likely to cause the error.

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  • Snip & Sketch is Microsoft’s newer version of its snipping utility.

Alternatively, you can use the Snipping Tool using the Windows key + Shift + S or the dedicated Snipping Tool key, or through the Xbox Game Bar using the Windows key + G. You can use the built-in keyboard key shortcuts, Windows tools like Snip & Sketch, or a third-party app in Chrome. Even PowerPoint has a built-in function for taking screenshots and including them in your presentation. A full-page screenshot in Edge.Beyond that, you can share, copy, or save the screenshot (the default screenshots folder is /User/Downloads/).

On Windows

If you’re attending a class, a meeting, or a seminar, there is probably a particular application that you are required to use for that purpose. In such situations, it will be best if you try that very same application to test your webcam feed beforehand. A dialogue box may appear asking you about encoding.

How to screenshot on Windows PCs: Methods To Take Screenshots on Windows 10 and 11

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