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9 Fastest Ways to Take Screenshots on Windows 10 PC

It’s a really easy way to take a screenshot of everything on your display. Run Snagit and click Capture, or press the PrtSn key on your keyboard. Edit the screenshot or save it to a suitable location. Don’t worry, we will tell you how to do it using different methods. In the Save As box, type a file name, location, and then selectSave. Recruiting an Operations Research Analyst with the right combination of technical expertise and experience will require a comprehensive screening process.

  • On the overlay menu, click the camera icon to capture a full-screen screenshot.
  • All Windows 10 editions come with a hardware troubleshooter that will check for errors in external devices like mice, keyboards, printers, etc.
  • Your screenshot is ready; save it in the desired location.

The Windows key + Shift + S was previously the shortcut to take a screenshot of a particular area of the screen using the Snipping Tool, but it’s now part of Snip & Sketch. Most new operating systems come equipped with some sore of screen capture tool. Once the screenshot gets done make check this link use of the Snip & Sketch tools to highlight important information else just simply save it. This section has been developed to guide you about how to screenshot on Dell desktops as well as laptops.

How Do You Take a Screenshot on a Dell Laptop with Windows XP/Vista?

Once you’ve made your selection, the screenshot will be taken and saved to your clipboard. Press the New button to start taking a screenshot. This will open up the snipping bar at the top of your screen. Screenshots captured with Lightshot are usually located in the /Documents/Lightshot/ folder by default. However, you can change that folder and easily save files in other locations. Snagit is a screenshot tool that allows you to take full-page screenshots, create animated GIFs, and more.

With this tool, you can pause the game, adjust the field of view, and move the camera around until you find the angle that looks the best to you. You can then scribble or highlight elements in your capture using the Snipping Tool, or copy it to a different app. To open Snipping Tool, look it up from the Start menu or press . Whether you’re using Windows 10, Windows 11, or rockin’ it old school with Windows 7, capturing the content on your screen can come in handy in a variety of situations.

Method 1: Use Keyboard Shortcuts To Take A Screenshot On Your Windows 10 PC

Click and select the Ruler Tool from the toolbar at the top and a ruler should show up on your screen. You can also right-click on the ruler to rotate it to your desired orientation. Once you’ve placed the ruler in the desired location, select an input tool from the drop and click and drag your cursor along the ruler. You should now have a straight line at the desired location in your annotation. You can use this tool to easily erase any annotation you’ve made on your screen capture. Simply click on the eraser tool and click and drag over any previous annotation to erase it from your screen capture.

Which is your favourite way to capture a screenshot? You can also sign in for our newsletter for more such shortcuts and tips. • In case you wish to copy the image to the clipboard, then you need to click the copy button in the Snipping Tool window. The Snipping Tool also has some editing options, if you wish to add any highlights or use a drawing tool on your image, for example.

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